The Kite Runner

I have read The Kite Runner since the bookclub-ing starts. This story takes place in Afghanistan, and the main characters of the books are Amir and Hassan.

Amir and Hassan are friends, but Hassan is Amir’s severant because Hassan’s father whose name is Ali is a servant of Baba who is Amir’s father. In Afghanistan, there is a kite tournament, and Amir wants to show his father that he can be manly like his father. And at that tournament, he won because Hassan helped him to win. However, in the winter of 1975 when Amir won, Amir saw Assef who is an antagonist of this story raping Hassan. After seeing this moment, Amir decided to let Hassan’s family get out of his house because he didn’t help him at that moment, so he felt guilty. He told a lie to his father that Hassan stole money, and Hassan didn’t deny it even though he didn’t steal.

The story keeps going on after time goes by. I can find several relationships between The Kite Runner and other short stories our class has learned for this semester. The most interesting thins is father-son relationship. In In Our Time written by Hemingway, Nick Adams is a protagonist of the short stories. There is another character who is Nick’s father, Henry Adams. He is a doctor, can not control his anger and he is not manly. It’s because in Nick’s view, when Henry was arguing with an Indian guy, he didn’t look manly at all. In fact, he is not confident about his manhood and physical ability. Thus, he keeps emphasizing the importance of masculinity to Nick. Even though he is not a manly guy, he does his best to be a good father and husband, We can see this in one of the short stories which is The doctor and the doctor’s wife,

However, in The Kite Runner, it is true that Baba also emphasized the importance of masculinity, but it is also true that Amir respects him and wants to be like him because he is a real man. There is another difference between them. Nick’s father is more easier to get closer because Amir thinks his father as an idol.